The Write Experience

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The Write Experience is a creative package which seeks to engage your 5 senses and maybe the 6th. It includes seamless stirring poetry in fusion with other art genres like contemporary dance, film, graffiti, intimate jazz, etc.

With themes like Environmentalism, Healing Handicapped Homes and Trotro Teleport Theory, The Write Experience seeks to interact with diverse audience streams on socio-political issues and run-of-the-mill concerns using art.


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Nkabom Literary Festival

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Nkabom Festival is a contemporary Ghanaian literary festival pooling young and culminated word crocheters who use ink, voice, music or mixed media to share stories that connect histories, consummate the present to rediscover the future.

We believe literature is more than just text, and we look to re-imagine how writing and text used in all possible forms could be expanded to include every other genre of art. The festival is based on creative interactions and collaborations and generates a focal point on the potential to create new artistic forms.

The festival extends its wings to cover non-traditional spaces and alternative concepts that do not get mainstream appeal. The idea is to explore ingenious uncorrupted work and to provide a platform for artists from all walks of life who have an interest in using text or language(be it visual languages/symbols, spoken,musical, tactile, etc) in their work.

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Wonna Ink Team

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kwame write is a writer, social commentator, artist and father with a background of biochemistry. His work explores how the constructs of science can engage the liberties of art. He released his debut album “bloodlines” recently. kwame is the founder and creative director of Inkfluent.




Ivy Exornam is Image result for ivy exornama business administration graduate from Ho Polytechnic. She has worked with Legacy and Legacy, Ehalakasa and Springboard. She is a lover of arts and has a lot of experience working with major event firms in Ghana. She is our marketing manager.




Related imageIan Kwaku Adomako-Kwakye aka Ian Quhachi is a time-travel through painting, illustration, installation and street art. Aside exhibition spaces in Accra and Takoradi, the self-trained artist has explored the use of social media and non-traditional spaces as a strategy to question the limited spaces for art display in Ghana. His practice has centered on investigating street pop culture not just as a medium of cliche extravagance, but to further debate representation of a continent’s visual traditions. He is our graphic designer.

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