Nkabom Literary Festival

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Nkabom Festival is a contemporary Ghanaian literary festival pooling young and culminated word crocheters who use ink, voice, music or mixed media to share stories that connect histories, consummate the present to rediscover the future.

We believe literature is more than just text, and we look to re-imagine how writing and text used in all possible forms could be expanded to include every other genre of art. The festival is based on creative interactions and collaborations and generates a focal point on the potential to create new artistic forms.

The festival extends its wings to cover non-traditional spaces and alternative concepts that do not get mainstream appeal. The idea is to explore ingenious uncorrupted work and to provide a platform for artists from all walks of life who have an interest in using text or language(be it visual languages/symbols, spoken,musical, tactile, etc) in their work.

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