YOUth Movement

Inkfluent organises and collaborates with schools and communities for multidisciplinary learning projects. An example is Art for Change with Lincoln Community School, Abelenkpe-Accra and DUNK Jamestown.

Art for Change

A Learning, Leading & Connecting 8th Grade Community Project

THE PROJECT: A multidisciplinary service learning project.  The product is an original music video documentary that showcases the experience of transforming a Jamestown space by 8th grade students of LCS and DUNK kids from marginalized parts of Accra. The transformation- a multipurpose art space, aims to inspire community artmaking and leadership amongst Jamestown youth.


  • Inkfluent
  • DUNK
  • Lincoln
  • Professional local artists

THEME: Sustainability and why

Goal: Document the interactions and ideas in the form of a music and dance video and establish a space that ignites a feeling of creativity and freedom.

TIMELINE: May 2018


  • All grade 8 Lincoln students in collaboration with the Dunk students and/or ChangeMakers.
  • Teachers Leads: Ann Hefte & Brett Morales
  • Teacher Collaborators: Entire 8th Grade Team
  • Visiting Artist: Kwame Write Aidoo
  • Videographer: Selorm Jay; film maker and photographer, founder/creative director of YoyoTinz 
  • Graffiti Artist:  Moh Awudu
  • Photographer Kobe Bigs, dance choreographer Evelyn Galle Ansah and sound engineer Nii Larteh


A learn, lead, connect production- the soul of this project, youth get to:

LEARN the nuances and highly-skilled practice of public artmaking and space design as well as poetry and performance. They get to build creative confidence in creating and repurposing whilst keeping form and function in mind.

LEAD through taking action. creating, renovating, and beautifying a collaborative space.

CONNECT with their community in a creative and meaningful way like they never have. The final digital product can reach a global audience and raise awareness.