Slam Ghana

10 March 2018

Slam Ghana is the Ghana national outlet for poets to read or recite their original work without props, costumes, or music. Our events incite the creation and performance of poetry that engages communities and provides a platform for voices to be heard beyond social, cultural, political, and economic barriers. We have two types targeted at two different age ranges:

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TEEN SLAM GHANA is our open welcoming space for teenagers to freely express themselves. Check out young people speaking to the most important issues of our time. Our events are in conjunction with National Theatre of Ghana. We are passionate about critical literacy, youth development and advancing interest in creativity and its potential for social change by engaging the youth with preparation and performance opportunities.

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Spoken verses are beautiful art forms that engage audiences directly and intimately. Our grand slam is open to poets and spoken word artists above 18. The splendor of word art on diverse themes and topics has got ours peaked every time. Come share with us.

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10 March 2018

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we’re inviting women/girl poets of all ages worldwide to share their poems and stories with us. Get involved by tweeting at us or via Instagram (@inkfluent) using the #SaysHerInk tag.

Nkabom Festival

5 March 2018

  • Blood Drum Spirit - The Write Experience I
  • Blood Drum Spirit - The Write Experience I

Ghana’s first annual literary festival where freedom of expression is promoted by writers and artists work with their communities by sharing poetry, music and stories, discussing and developing sustainable ideas with regards to the use of literature and the arts to impact society as well as documenting our creative and expressive interactions. The festival is very welcoming to international artists

The festival is curated and organized by Inkfluent, though each artist or writer is considered as a contributing pillar to how the events, seminars and workshops function. Private or public and non-governmental organizations willing to submit or propose projects that run in theme are welcome.

The festival has switched venues several times, but has been mainly held in Accra the past years. Persons with disabilities are part of our programming each year. Children and young adult literature also play a prominent part. Readings, performances, films, workshops, discussions and children’s storytelling are all squeezed into a 5 day events schedule.

We make the artistic platform an open canvas accessible for the congregation of writers, poets, lyricists, griots and artists using literature one way or the other in their methodology, processes, presentations or performances. The festival also rethinks the use of space in narratology, performance, presentation and marketing of the writer and artist’s products and projects.

Our mantra is the philosophical Adinkra symbol: Sankofa. Our vibrant endeavors lead us to rewrite histories, consummate the present to rediscover a future where we totally own our narratives. Attendees can look forward to unrivalled opportunities to share creatively in whatever aspect they are interested in: be it volunteering, documenting, social media networking, logistics, partnering, sponsoring or performing(due to usual strict stage programming, one would have to communicate ahead of time with regards to theme and event structure).

Nkabom has played host to esteemed names such as Alba K. Sumprim: renowned writer, Wanlov the Kubolor: musician, videographer and activist, DJ L’Oqenz: DJ, beatmaker, composer of critically acclaimed ‘Theatrical MiXtape-’ OraltorioDwayne Morgan: Music Award winning spoken word artist of Jamaican origin, author, Eddy DaOriginalOne: Beatbox poet extraordinaire and Trinidadian story-teller, Manchilde: Dancehall reggae/hip-hop MC, video artist/videographer/director, Motion: CBC Canadian Slam Champion, award-winning playwright and hip-hop MC, Nth Digri: Rapso/dub poet, Ottawa Slam Champion, recording artist and spoken word activist, Mariska Darko: author and poet, Betty Stürmer: German performance DJ and artist, Elom 20ce: Togolese rapper, Nii Ayikwei Parkes: author and 2017 Caine Prize Main Judge, Martin Egblewogbe: co-founder of the Writers Project of Ghana and author, and many others.



15 June 2017

Last year, THE WRITE EXPERIENCE I had a strong message about the essence of appreciating our environment through a fusion of poetry, live jazz music, graffiti and contemporary dance. By popular demand, Inkfluent brings you the second edition, THE WRITE EXPERIENCE II dubbed: “Healing Handicapped Homes”.

The event explores how art can be used as a tool to heal and keep us aware in the midst of society’s drag. This concept is composed of an animated collages of film, poetry, live music by a spectacular visually challenged band and contemporary dance featuring a collaboration with artist Serge Attukwei and performances by Rewrite Crew, Jude Kurankyi, poets from Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin, as well as a live music session by Humble International Band(an extraordinarily talent.

The fusion is based on Africa’s intrinsic visual and oral context and the dynamism of body, action, space, time and energy, also using technology as an innovative means to explore the realities of displacement due to natural or artificial effects. The result subtly creates the awareness of fragility of existence and the concrete belief in transformation when a collective of broken societies merge.

THE WRITE EXPERIENCE is a long-term project aimed at bringing together artists from different parts of Africa for cultural exchange and social activism; reflecting on the Scramble for Africa(the artificial drawing made among European powers which started with the Berlin Conference of 1884–85) and its after-effects due to the creation of African political boundaries. We combine history and trajectory of contemporary experimental forms mixing local, anglophone and francophone dialects.

This particular edition remarkably involves persons with disabilities in performances to express individuality and the limitless healing abilities of the human touch. Even as a continent, made up of independent but handicapped bits, how does networking aid growth?

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VENUE: La Paillote Takpekpe at Alliance Française Accra
DATE: 27th January, 2016
TIME: 7:30 – 9:30 PM
GATE: GHc5/GHc3 for AF students/Free for those under 16

Alliance Française Accra

Liberation link (behind Opeibea House), Airport Residential Area
P.O. Box CT4904, Cantonments Accra – Ghana

Facebook: AllianceFrancaisedAccra

Twitter: @AF_Accra

Instagram: af_accra


15 June 2017

THE WRITE EXPERIENCE III [TROTRO TELEPORT THEORY] maps shared histories of language, spirituality and creative cultures in West Africa. The festival takes us on a mobile(traveling) artists residency from Accra through Aflao to Lome. Artists from several parts of West Africa will connect to work on an experimental video that fuses folk storytelling poetry, music and vodou dance .

The project culminates in a concert on the 25th of January at Alliance Française Accra (Amphitheatre) where we show the experimental video and stage live performances of folk poetry, a dance installation, contemporary jazz and “porpor” or trotro music by Nii Noi Nortey and the Accra Trane Station band from 1968 La Drivers Union Porpor music group.

the write experience iii cover art, courtesy: ian quhachi

DATE: 25th Jan., 2017
TIME: 7-9:30PM
VENUE: Alliance Française Accra (Amphitheatre)
GATE: GHc10, GHc5 for af members, FREE for those under 16
RSVP Whatsapp +233243470344


7 June 2017



NKABOM 2017 – AUGUST 23rd to 26th – ACCRA, GHANA


Last year’s festival had its theme as Kenten Spaces. Kenten means basket in Akan language. The project went out to network poets, novelists and spoken word artists with photographers, DJs, painters, illustrators, theatre artists, musicians, etc such that the inter-weaving of diverse content magnifies the perimeters that literature in commonplace is thought to accomplish.

The creative know-how and messages were implanted through workshops with basic school kids at Nubuke and young students at University of Ghana, as well as non-traditional spaces in Accra like Republic-Osu and the main street in the centre of Abelenkpe .

This year, the theme ‘Unscrambling Africa goes to redefine how Africa as a continent with a myriad of cultures and essential tech resources, acute philosophies, coded data, rare science, hatched art, etc is handed the teeny toothpick. The exchange circumnavigates the tired one-way discussion of slavery, but opens wing to bring back home muted meanings, measures and mysticism.

It’s a quest and questioning affair, as we unbutton borderlines, bulletins and belief systems. We address inclusiveness, open-mindedness and responsibility from talking drums to Sahara hikes to Mediterranean silt. From Ghana or Naija jollof, diaspora dynamism to coltan trails. Even from Khufu’s pyramid to Xhosa tongue clicks to Akan weights.

We look to once again engage multidisciplinary frameworks and build further the grid of sustainable ideas through workshops, readings, recitals, performances, screenings, digital applications, etc,. We hereby call on cultural provocateurs asking the right questions to inspire social change.