Inkfluent was founded in 2011 by writer and cultural manager Kwame Aidoo as a creative outfit to aggrandize the strewed potential of amateur writers, recital poets, word art poets, poesicians, etc and to carve an alternative mainstream and target market that would contribute to the sustainability of the creative engine.


Inkfluent is ever-evolving and experimenting new ways to bring fresh content to the forefront with innovative slants and is known to be consistent while addressing social issues and promoting free expression, teaching its importance and supporting intelligent brave waves.


From 9th March, 2013 to 2015, Inkfluent released a series of audio poetry recordings called Vocal Portraits featuring poets from Ghana and beyond. We are prepping up to put together a poetry storytelling feature film in 2018.


Each January since 2015 in Ghana, Inkfluent has organized the art fusion festival called The Write Experience, which amalgamates poetry, music, graffiti or other forms of visual art, contemporary dance, film, etc on the same stage. The Write Experience has always been the fertile meeting ground for creative minds from all parts of West Africa.


Nkabom Literary Festival was launched in 2016 to explore how African literature or literature that concerns Africa and its peoples, history or culture can be consumed in Ghanaian public and non-traditional spaces.

Nkabom is the first ever contemporary Ghanaian literary festival pooling young and culminated word crocheters who use ink, voice, music or mixed media to share stories that connect histories, consummate the present to rediscover the future.


Inkfluent in conjunction with National Theatre Ghana launched Slam Ghana in July 2013 to cater for competitive poetry performance. Senior High School students keep the Teen Slam Ghana platform ever vibrant. The first Grand Slam Ghana event(targeting pro poets) happened in September, 2017.


Inkfluent has had the rare opportunity to partner with Togolese artists and culture managers based in Lome, Togo to organize their annual street art festival; Tsale Lekema showcases productions by poets, musicians, graffiti artists, dancers, bikers, performance artists, visual artists, etc to show their talents and collaborate.

There are always workshops for children and amateur artists focused on developing the drive to create originally and to apply tools that the information world has to offer. The Lome art scene gets exciting by the day, and whenever we spell or say tsale, you know it means “friend” and lekema is a slang for “what’s up” 🙂